Indy Cars of the 1970s

Indy Cars of the 1970s
Format: Paperback, 128 Pages
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Published: October 4th 2003
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The 1970s was the last creative decade at the great Speedway. The spirit of innovation was still strong in the 1970s, which Ludvigsen calls "The Last Creative Decade" at the great Speedway.The turbocharged decade witnessed the extinction of the venerable four-banger Offy and the rise of the Cosworth V-8, which took Indy racing into the 1980s. A tire war and advanced aerodynamics saw speeds rise so sensationally that, as Ludvigsen says in his insightful Introduction, "The 1971 pole-winning speed wouldn't have qualified a driver for the 1972 race!" Revealing intimate details of the last progressive and experimental decade at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, this book is a must for fans of the world's greatest motor race.
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