Along for the Ride

A Collection of Stories from the Fast and Furious World of Stock Car Racing

Along for the Ride

Larry Woody

Format: Hardcover, 208 Pages
ISBN: 9781582616964
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Published: Mar. 12, 2004
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In his own words Larry Woody, who has covered racing for over 30 years, will give readers never before seen quips, tales and anecdotes about some of the most famous names in racing. Here are just a few of the highlights: how about the time Richard Petty almost bought a race track, or, why Darrell Waltrip once wanted to punch out some race fans. Or the night that repo wrecker driver-turned-NASCAR star Bobby Hamilton was attacked by the owner of a car he was trying to tow away. Or the worried elevator conversation Jeff Gordon had with wife Brooke after crashing Dale Earnhardt at Daytona. What prominent driver was the biggest pain to deal with? (not Tony Stewart). What was the "afterlife" experience that NASCAR VP Jim Hunter says changed his life? How was NASCAR history made at Daytona's Boot Hill Saloon? Why did Eddie Gossage (Texas Motor Speedway president) get fired as a sports writer during his college days? Why did a young Dale Earnhardt show up at the Tennessean Spor'
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