The Weekend Starts on Wednesday

True Stories of Remarkable NASCAR Fans

The Weekend Starts on Wednesday
Foreword by:

Tony Stewart

Afterword by:

Kyle Busch

Format: Hardcover, 304 Pages
ISBN: 9780760338315
Publisher: Motorbooks
Illustrations: 50 color photos
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Published: Feb. 11, 2010
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 In The Weekend Starts on Wednesday, NASCAR insider Andrew Giangola scoured the circuit and slept in school buses to find remarkable fans and tell their hilarious, heart-warming stories. With a keen eye for detail and uncommon humor, Giangola probes the open hearts and colorful experiences of the sport’s most fervent fans.  There’s a male nurse who braves death to bring the NASCAR flag to the top of Mt. Everest, and a woman who dons a nurse’s outfit when her hero Dale Earnhardt Jr. wrecks; we meet a fellow who goes naked at the track save a Goodyear tire, and a lifelong fan who’s been to all 51 Daytona 500 races.  Celebrities are not immune from the lure of NASCAR racing either, and the stories of celebrities such as Kevin Costner, Tom Cruise, Brian Williams and Mario Batali are also told as well.  This collection of amazing stories opens a new chapter on the extraordinary appeal of NASCAR, and shows why so many are so crazy about this great American sport.

The Weekend Starts on Wednesday is a light-hearted, heart-warming, insider’s tour of the racetracks and infields of the Deep South, through the heartland and on to Southern California. It’s a guided expedition to the soul that truly makes NASCAR the nation’s #1 spectator sport: its fans!

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Over the past 20 years, Andrew Giangola has held high-profile public relations positions with McKinsey & Co., Accenture, Simon & Schuster, and Pepsi-Cola.  Since 2003, he has been Director of Business Communications for NASCAR.  Giangola graduated from Fordham University, concentrating in journalism when he was able to concentrate.  He and his wife, Viviane, scary smart daughter Gaby, and several yappy dogs reside in lower Manhattan.

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“A marvelous book!”  - Chris “Mad Dog” Russo, national sports radio host

“This is a book you’re going to want to pick up.  It will make you laugh and touch your heart.  Highly recommended!”  - The Fast and the Fabulous

“The Weekend Starts on Wednesday is well-written, humorous and heart-warming.  It is a keepsake about a slice of America.” –

“Worth picking up.” –

“This book is really moving.  It captures the undeniable devotion and dedication that makes the sport what it is today.” – Dagen McDowell, Fox Business Network

 “Giangola writes very nicely.”  - George Vecsey, New York Times

“This book makes me proud to be a NASCAR fan.   I loved reading it.  I recommend it to not just the ardent NASCAR fan but to the on-the-fence fan, the sometimes fan, and the curious onlooker.” -- Amy’s Bad Groove

“An entertaining book.”  – This Week in New York

“I’ve read many NASCAR books but none of them truly capture NASCAR fans like The Weekend Starts on Wednesday.  If you are a NASCAR fan, this book is for you.”  - The Bleacher Report

“A must read for all NASCAR fans.  Once I started reading, I had trouble putting the book down.” – The Intelligencer

“More than just a bunch of interesting stories…but rather a look at a New Yorker learning about NASCAR, not just its current fans, but some of its long-time fans, and a lot of history.” --

“Three dozen fans is a tiny slice compared with the more than 4.75 million that attended NASCAR races in 2009, but that was more than enough for Andrew Giangola to understand a stock car devotion that leads them to travel far to camp out in tents and converted school buses at races. Those interviews also provided Giangola an easy title for The Weekend Starts on Wednesday, a collection of vignettes revealing much about the sport's fan base.” – USA Today

“Giangola focuses on the souls of the fans, deftly weaving in details that illustrate the passion Spencer and his mom, Stephanie, share for the two-time Cup champion (Tony Stewart). By all means, buy it and read it.” – Roanoke Times

“It is filled with funny, offbeat, wacky, and heartwarming tales of those with a passion for the sport of speed.  The fans all have one thing in common.  They can’t get enough of what Giangola describes as “the chess match at 180 miles an hour.”  But, other than that, the people in this book couldn’t be more different.  And the way they express their enthusiasm for NASCAR and their favorite drivers is equally as diverse. It’s a breezy read that you can pick up and dive (or should I say drive?) into anywhere. Each story stands on its own, categorized in intriguing sections that cover a spectrum of topics.  I had fun mixing and matching my way through, letting the chapter titles lures me to a page.” –

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Table of Contents


Foreword by Tony Stewart



Introduction: You Hungry?



Part I: Fans for Life

A Moment in the Sun The King and I Decades at Darlington



Part II: Remembering Dale

The Lucky Penny Girl A Purple Heart and a Titanium Leg America’s Anchor Finds His Slice of Heaven



Part III: Flirting with Fame

There’s Nothing Flat About Tire Man Toasting a Hero NASCAR’s Candy Man The Fathead Guy Jeff Burton and the World’s Fastest Grandmother Friday Night Lights Lead into Saturday Night Racing



Part IV: Aligned with the Stars

Spencer Roy Sees the Othe