The Biography of Bernie Ecclestone

Bernie The Biography of Bernie Ecclestone
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Published: Dec. 1, 2011
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Bernie Ecclestone is best-known as the architect and figurehead of modern Formula One, but he has been a constant and often controversial presence in both Formula One and British public life since the 1970s. In this exhaustive and insightful biography, Susan Watkins analyses in detail his rise to prominence, from his early entrepreneurial exploits as a schoolboy to his position today as a peerless businessman and multi-billionaire. All aspects of his business and racing exploits are examined, and contrasted with intimate insight into his personal life.

Susan Watkins has written acclaimed biographies of Mary Queen of Scots, Elizabeth I and Jane Austen. She has lectured internationally on her historical subjects, and recently has written a stage play and screenplay on the Guinea Pig Club and Sir Archibald McIndoe, maverick WWII plastic surgeon. Married to Prof Sid Watkins, F1 surgical and safety consultant, she has been an F1 insider since the early 1980s, and her extended family has included Ayrton Senna, James Hunt, Jackie Stewart and Stirling Moss.
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